Frequently Asked Questions

Who approved the mandatory University Technology Fee?

In April 2003, the UTF was approved by The Associated Students of CSU (ASCSU), and later the Board of Governors.

How does this fee support me?

The University Technology Fee will support technological improvements for students at CSU. More online services and tools will be available through a student portal, like RAMweb.

How will these charges appear on my billing statement?

A separate line item called, University Technology Fee will appear on your billing statement along with tuition, fees, and your other University charges.

How often will I be charged the University Technology Fee?

The $25.00 University Technology fee will be assessed each term (Fall, Spring, Summer) you enroll.

How do I learn more about the University Technology Fee?

Read the Bylaws Document.

What is the University Technology Fee for?

The $25 per semester fee is used to enhance online student services (RAMweb, student portal), replace computers in Morgan Library, and to build and maintain the physical improvements needed for computer infrastructure.

Who is charged the University Technology Fee?

The University Technology Fee is assessed to every student each semester.

Why is the University changing the way the University Technology Fee is assessed?

In Fall 2003, the University Technology fee was assessed only to students who received the General Fee charge. Starting Spring 2004, the University Technology Fee is assessed to all CSU students.

What is the difference between the University Technology Fee and the College Charges for Technology?

The University Technology Fee is a $25.00 assessment each term that is beneficial and applicable to all Colorado State University students. Proceeds of the University Technology Fee will support increasing technological needs, improvements, and advancements at CSU. Funds cannot be used for expenses traditionally funded by College Charges for Technology. To ensure, appropriate distribution of funds, the University Technology Fee Advisory Board was created. The board provides guidance and advice in the implementation and application of technology at Colorado State University. College Charges for Technology vary in amount and are determined by a formula based on the number of majors and laboratory contact hours generated by each department. Each College and Intra-University Open Option has a College Technology Committee that oversees the administration of funds. Visit the University Charges for Technology Committee Web site for more information.