Project Proposal Form

Below you’ll find the UTFAB Project Pre-Proposal Submission form.  Please direct any questions about the use of this form to Jason Huitt and Jamie McCue.

UTFAB Pre-proposal Form

UTFAB proposal consideration guidelines are contained in Article VII, Section 1 of the UTFAB Bylaws:

“The UTFAB will evaluate project plan proposals by the following criteria (in no specific order):

  1. The project’s ability to benefit as many Colorado State University students as possible;
  2. The project’s ability to effectively utilize the fee;
  3. The project proposal is not funded through individual college Charges for Technology;
  4. The project’s adherence to its planned budget and accountability for its expenses throughout the past fiscal year, if appropriate;
  5. The project’s potential for direct student use;
  6. The effort, thought, justification and clarity reflected in the project plan and presentation;
  7. The justification for the project provided to the Board in the form of quantitative student usage information;
  8. The level of financial co-sponsorship being contributed to the project by the University;
  9. The project’s contribution to the overall balance between central and distributed technology in the University information technology environment;
  10. The proposed technology or service is not currently provided through other University Technology Fee-funded projects;
  11. The costs and potential benefits of the project; and
  12. The project’s effort to address or include sustainability considerations such as: the purchase of ENERGY STAR rated equipment (whenever possible or feasible); select EPEAT registered products (whenever possible or feasible); equipment or technology that minimizes energy consumption through low energy use design or settings; energy conservation practices; life – cycle assessments; paper savings; minimization of packaging materials; and/or plan for proper disposal at end of useful life.
  13. The project’s ability to promote and assist the academic mission of Colorado State University as it relates to student success.