2011 – 2012 Academic Year Activity


Chair: Pete Winterscheidt, College of natural Sciences
Vice Chair: Jonathan Sorkin, College of Engineering
Secretary: Kaleigh Maxwell, Associated Students of CSU

Tamla Blunt, College of Agriculture
Steve Johnson, SFRB
Wendy Bowling, SFRB
Keegan Schulz, ASCSU
Amanda Ozee, CAHS
Heather Healy, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Paul Tanger, Graduate School
Kira Puntenney, Warner College of Natural Resources
Wes Wyatt, Warner College of Natural Resources
Jason Berlinberg, ASCSU
Irene Chaves, College of Business
Dan Holzer, College of Business
Iris Frederick, College of Business
Jason Berlinberg, College of Business
Andrew Olson, UUC
Rusty Scott, Academic Computing & Network Services
Scott Bailey, Academic Computing & Network Services
Jason Huitt, Academic Computing & Network Services