2016- 2017 Academic Year Activity


Chair: Adam Lynch, College of Natural Sciences
Vice Chair: Blaire MacNeill, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Secretary: Krissy Wegen, Associated Students of CSU

Cody Hernandez, Undeclared Leadership Council
Edgar Cedillo, Undeclared Leadership Council
Jennifer Murray, Associated Students of CSU
Haley Farwell, Warner College of Natural Resources
Casey Franklin, Warner College of Natural Resources
Heather Neresen, College of Health and Human Sciences
Nolan Bunting, College of natural Sciences
Taylor Hill, College of Business
Chris Schaumbert, CSG
Nicole Ramo, CSG
Bryce Hoyt, College of Natural Sciences
Pat Burns, Vice President of Information Technology
Scott Baily, Academic Computing & Network Services
Jason Huitt, Academic Computing & Network Services